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Final Pre-Release Evaluation Builds (updated  1/10/2013)

Live CD Image

  Description:    Bootable Live CD Image.  Supports TFTP configuration

  Download File

USB Key Image

   Description: Bootable USB Image.  Supports TFTP configuration.

    Read Me File

    Download File 

Installable (Repurposed PC) Image

   Description:  Bootable Live CD Image.  Supports TFTP configuration


   Download File

Burn ISO to CD, boot the client, then choose the disk to install to when prompted. This will destroy any data currently on the hard drive of the client.

TFTP (Customer Configuration / Address Preload) Server Documentation

   File Name:     TFTP Configuration.pdf

   Description:    Documentation on how to configure the TFTP server for implementing custom configurations.

   Download File

Sample configuration file for usage with the TFTP server

   File Name:     default.cfg  (text file)

   Description:    Sample configuration file for TFTP based configuration

   Download File

Image Writer

   File Name:     ImageWriter.exe

   Description:   Tool for writing USB image to USB key

   Download File


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  1. All files are for evaluation purposes only

  2. Downloading any file, constitutes agreement with all applicable license agreements, which

  3. All images have a limited lifespan, expiring 6/30/2013

can be found here.

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USAGE NOTE:  Rename the .iso file to .raw and then use ImageWriter.exe to write the .raw file to the desired USB key. USB key must be inserted prior to running ImageWriter.exe. Once client is booted from the USB key, the USB key cannot be used on another system without first re-imaging the USB key. Requires USB key that is 1GB or more and will destroy all data currently on the USB key.