Vision360 has assembled a management team full of seasoned executives who bring decades of experience to meet the challenges at hand. Customers have different needs depending on their industry and size, so Vision360 brings to the table leaders that come from varied industries and that have real-life experience in organizations large and small.

Prior to founding Vision360, Andre was Chief Technology Officer, Linux at Novell, Inc where he was responsible for leading the development of Novell's SuSE Linux software and enterprise management products. At Novell, he also had responsibility for developing data center and enterprise product strategies. Prior to joining Novell, he was a Director in Dell’s Services and Solutions organization and Chief Technology Officer for Enterprise Systems.  At Dell he was responsible for integrating Dell’s Linux delivery capabilities with their enterprise products and software. He joined Dell when they acquired Plural, Inc., a technology solutions organization where he was the Chief Technology Officer. Previously, he was the Director of IBM's Lotus Solutions division. Andre joined IBM when they acquired Lotus Development Corporation where he was Chief Technology Officer for both Lotus' Business Solution and Services organizations.

Andre was recognized as a distinguished scholar at the University of Maryland, College Park where he majored in Physical Sciences with degree concentrations in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Physics.

At Vision360, Michael has oversight for all customer acquisition and product management related activities.  He manages our offshore Solution Development Centers which help to reduce the cost of building prototype or production software.  Prior to joining Vision360, Michael was an Executive and Distinguished Technologist in IBM's worldwide development organization.  He is a recognized expert in off-shore development and support teams and in enterprise product design and delivery.   He also has held executive and development positions at IBM, Oracle and Merrill Lynch.

Michael holds a bachelor of science degree in Computer Science from McGill University.

Andre Hill

CTO, Co-Founder

Michael Karcin

Director, Product Development






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Wallace Kapps

Managing Director, Co-Founder

As Managing Director and a co-founder of Vision360, Wallace is responsible for the company's day-to-day operations. With more than 20 years of business and operations management, Wallace has been an investor as a Partner and Principal for two very successful venture capital funds. He has also built and led large field organizations for two public companies, Novell and Cambridge Technology partners. Walter regularly speaks about SAAS and data strategies at industry events covering both new media technologies.

He is also a recognized expert in business to business partnering and software/social alliance strategies and he the primary partnering contact for Vision360.

He holds a BA from Boston College and many other management certificates