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Below is list of our publicly available and currently shipping products.  Additional Vision360 developed products are available through our channel and OEM development partners as part of integrated bundles.  If after reviewing these products you find that you requirements will require something a bit different, contact our custom development and professional services organization.

View Connect is the fastest, safest, cheapest and most reliable way to connect to a VMware View infrastructure and repurpose legacy PCs into thin-client devices.  Using SUSE Linux as its operating system, ViewConnect boots and run entirely from a LiveCD or USB key or it can replace the existing operating system and run directly on the PC.

No matter the implementation method you choose, repurposing a PC into a thin desktop using View Connect can extend the lifespan of a legacy PC while enabling it to run the latest operating systems and applications. 

Open Access provides remote access to the copying, printing and FAX  functionality of Océ VarioLink and VarioPrint devices. The product allows physically challenged users to scan an original document (using voice prompts and text to speech) at their desktop and have copies of that document print remotely on their Océ copier. 

Using this system, individuals can make copies and send a FAX without ever touching, or even seeing, their copier device. 

Microsoft’s Hyper-V hypervisor provides the isolation and performance required to consolidate servers, and to enable the virtual environment that are key to delivering high availability to mission-critical applications. The hypervisor also allows for the deployment of fully integrated, cross platform - application stacks.

Two “app stacks” that integrated Microsoft Windows server components with Linux based applications (LAMP + Active Directory and  SharePoint + Active Directory + Linux based identity services) are available as demonstration /pre-production products for customers utilizing Hyper-V.

360Secure is a desktop solution where all browser functionality securely occurs outside of the standard desktop environment.  It provides an additional level of security and protection from viruses, worms, and malicious downloads.  It is a completely, self-contained, Linux-based solution residing on Windows desktops - utilizing desktop virtualization and a secure proxy server to provide a secure browsing environment.

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